is a soundscape project by Jelko Arnds and David Unland that assimilates the sounds of the urban space to disseminate them via a network of infrastructures in real-time back to the city.

Multiple channels of audio are captured at several locations and transmitted through wired and wireless connections, protocols and apparatuses, resulting in a constant stream of sonic data, which is eventually broadcasted via FM Radio.

The resulting piece puts the listener into the middle of action, both offering an aesthetic access to the mechanisms of a living city and suggesting an idea of superiority through surveillance. It engages with the audible elements of the urban space, that often times are studiously ignored, to create a sonic image of what’s happening in the city.

The first conduction of a live-transmission took place in the scope of an exhibition in May 2019 – a room full of radio receivers with a giant city map on the floor let the listeners sink into the Radiophonic Places of Bremen. Recordings of the Bremian morning hours of May 13th, 2019 can be experienced here:

Bremen, May 13th 2019

Bremen Marktpaltz
Bremen, Marktplatz
Bremen Bismarkstraße
Bremen, Bismarkstraße
Algorithmic Composition
Algorithmic Composition
Channel Mixing
Channel Mixing